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The Recruited: Resources

0 - Published June 3, 2013 by in High School

In the final installment of our series The Recruited, Show-Me Lax talks about some of the things that are important for high school players to remember as they are looking for the right college fit.

In our last installment, Show-Me Lax discussed some of the ways to get exposed to college programs and coaches. In our final installment, we are going to cover some of the tools high school players in Missouri have at their disposal.

Highlight Videos / Taping

Dirty Dog Digital might have a weird name, but their product is no joke. For student-athletes in the St. Louis Metro area, Dirty Dog Digital is a great resource. Their services include: player specific packages (with coach interviews, player notes, and individual specific film) “For Hire” game filming, HD purchases from their library of pre-recorded games, and YouTube versions of highlights from a number of game in the St. Louis Area.

Don’t live in St. Louis or have access to the type of funds required for something like Dirty Dog Digital? Try having someone like mom or dad film your games throughout the course of the year. Homemade highlight films are infinitely better to a coach than no highlight film, however there can be some pitfalls. Make sure you’re aware of the quality of the camera before you take on an endeavor like this. If the quality is too low to distinguish specific numbers, the film will be of little use to anyone.


Club / Travel Teams

Missouri Lacrosse

For any players living in one of the big metro areas of the state (St. Louis and Kansas City) there are a number of choices for summer teams that dedicate themselves to exposure. St. Louis is home to MO22,Samurai,and Shamrox (to name a few). MO22 is probably the most elite in terms of players and team success during competition while Samurai has become a household name among lacrosse clubs in St. Louis. Samurai offers a wider selection of skill level, has a larger coaching staff, and puts more players into college programs every year.

Missouri Lacrosse

In Kansas City, the two big traveling programs are KC Orange and True Lacrosse KC. The KC Orange program offers different age level teams, and has a large coaching staff to accommodate.

Camps / Clinics

Getting into a camp put on by you favorite college program is another great way to get noticed. Camps are not only a great way to gain exposure, but also a great way to improve your skill set and meet people you normally would not. Look no farther than Terry Ellis (who now is on full scholarship at Denver) to see an example of a camp opportunity turning out well for coach and player. Just in Missouri there are a number of camps put on by college programs. In fact, camps can be one of the best ways for coaches to connect with prospective players considering it requires ZERO travel for them. Look for these opportunities early, spots fill up quickly.



This ends our series on getting recruited. We hope these blogs have shed some light on some of the ways to make a fulfilling college lacrosse career possible. There are rarely ever players who regret playing 4 years of college lacrosse, and frequently ones that regret quitting. Remember: You make the opportunity happen.



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