Andy Meyers | Blue Valley West Lacrosse

2014 Andy Meyers (Overland Park, KS) Commits to Marquette

0 - Published August 4, 2013 by in High School

Recently, Show-Me Lax had the opportunity to talk with Andy Meyers from Blue Valley West High School in Overland Park, Kansas about his recent verbal commitment to Marquette University (NCAA DI).

Name: Andy Meyers
Position: Midfield
Graduation Year: 2014
High School: Blue Valley West
Years Played: 7
Clubs/Travel Teams: True Lacrosse KC U17 and KC Orange Lacrosse
Camps/Tournaments: Denver Shootout (KC Orange), Top 205, UPLax (True Lacrosse), Wolverine War Team Camp, California Gold, Ohio St. Team Camp (True Lacrosse), National Invitational 175, Stonewall 120, New England Top 150

Andy Meyers | Blue Valley West Lacrosse

Show-Me Lax:  Tell us about the decision. Was there a phone call, a text message, how id it all go down?
Andy Meyers:  Well I went up to the Marquette campus for a two day prospect camp where I got to meet the coaching staff, some current players, and get a feel for what it was like to be a Marquette lacrosse player. When I got back home from the camp Coach Amplo emailed me and told me to call him the next day. After working out some details on the phone and talking to my parents I decided Marquette was the right place for me and gave a verbal commitment.


SML:  Were you nervous about committing?
AM:  I wasn’t very nervous about committing because after I took an admissions tour, walked around campus, and talked to the coaches I knew Marquette was a perfect fit for me.


SML:  Where else were you looking at seriously?
AM:  A few other schools I was seriously considering were VMI (Virginia Military Institute), Denison, and Salisbury


“First, and most importantly, I know Marquette will provide me with a great education.” 

SML:  Why Marquette?
AM:  First, and most importantly, I know Marquette will provide me with a great education. I won’t be able to play lacrosse forever so I wanted to make sure that the college I chose would provide me with a quality education and a degree that I will be proud of when I walk into a job interview. I also love the location of the campus, which is right in the heart of Milwaukee. Finally, the lacrosse program at Marquette just felt like a family, not only will I get to compete at the highest level of collegiate lacrosse but I’ll get to do it with great coaches and teammates.


SML:  What were some of the best ways you marketed yourself to college coaches? What helped you get recruited the most?
AM:  I would definitely say that I got the most exposure from attending individual showcases and sending out my highlight tapes to college coaches.

“BE PROACTIVE! Don’t be afraid to email a coach”

SML:What advice would you give a high school freshman about getting to a college program?
AM:  As a freshman in high school you should be working hard everyday to become the best student, athlete, and lacrosse player you can be. It takes a lot of hard work to get to college so make sure to keep your grades up and improve your skills on the lacrosse field everyday. You should also sign up for some tournaments and showcase events during the summer. Most importantly, BE PROACTIVE! Don’t be afraid to email a coach and tell him where you will be playing during the summer, also list your stats/accomplishments, and try to throw together a highlight tape if you can.


SML: Are you the first player from your program to go DI?
AM:  No, Trevor Timmerberg (Class of ’08) was lucky enough to go on and play at Bellarmine University.


SML: Did you consider non-traditional options like MCLA or NAIA schools?
AM:  I looked at a few top tier MCLA schools such as Arizona State and Colorado State but my goal was always to play in the NCAA.


SML: What is it going to be like going from Big Man on Campus at BVW to being at the bottom of the totem pole again?
AM:  Obviously the level of competition will be an adjustment because in college everybody on the team is a really good athlete and lacrosse player but I have never considered myself the “big man on campus.” I try to go out and be the hardest working player in the country everyday and compete like my life depends on it, I plan on bringing that same attitude to college.


SML:  Andy thanks for the time, and good luck during your senior season!
AM:  Thank you.